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Rules & Regulations

Last Updated December 2022

4th Annual Big Bang Barrel Race

Wetaskawin, AB  July 26-30th, 2023

Warm Up 3D jackpot July 26th

$30,000 added 4D Open Barrel Race

Tomorrow’s Legends 15,000Added $$ no added fees

Western Fortunes 5,000 Added $$  no added fees



Online Entries will close July 21st. | Late entries taken up to day of event.

*See full copy of rules and regulations (TBA) for more details*

  1.  Dress Code:  Cowboy hat or helmet, long-sleeved shirt, pants and boots. Big Bang merch may be worn instead of western attire. 

  2.  Refund:  Full refund minus office fee will be granted before September 21 st. After this date NO refunds will be made. 

  3.  Late Entries:  Will be accepted – see full rules & regulations for entry closing times. Late entries are subject to late fees. 

  4.  Time Onlys:  Grouped barrel work. Reserved online with your entry only. Reservations are non-refundable. Once time onlys are purchased, it is your responsibility if you want to trade or sell.

  5.  No Time:  Contestants will receive a no time for knocking a barrel over or breaking the pattern. 

  6.  Timers:  Two electric timers will be used. Reruns will be given only in the event of a timer malfunction. If a rerun is given, it will be up to producer to decide when the rerun will take place. Reruns will not be given for horses falling, contestant’s equipment breaking or for a rider’s decision to pull up. 

  7.  Drags:  There will be a drag after every 5 numbers and a big drag at 50. 

  8.  Buy Backs:  You can buy back your run after each round by scratching your first time and making a second run for that round. Buy backs are ran at the end of each round. 

  9.  Disqualification:  Contestants must be ready when called. Failure to be in position in the holding area will result in a disqualification. Contestants must be in holding pen during your drag. If a horse is ran out of order, it will be disqualified. 

  10.  Open Barrel Race:  $25,000 added 4D Format ½ sec,½ sec, 1 second split 

  11.  Carryovers:  Times from the Youth may be carried over into the Open. 

  12.  Average Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded on 2 run average from your first and second run.

  13.  Youth Barrel Race:  3D Format Full sec. splits 16yrs and younger as of Jan 1 st of current year. Youth can just run in youth or carry over to the open (Time in youth race will get carried in the open). 

  14.  PeeWee Barrel Race:  8yrs and younger as of Jan 1 st of current year. Limited Entries.

  15.  Futurity:  $5000 added 2D Format full sec. splits sidepot. Must be entered in the open race.

  16.  Derby:  $5000 added 2D Format full sec . splits sidepot. Must be entered in the open race.

  17.  Showdown Round:  Sunday Showdown round is a clean slate finals. Top 15 from each go round and the top 10 from the aggregate of both rounds + 3 Bonus entries from qualifying series will come back to Showdown Sunday.

  18.  Zero Tolerance Policy:  Abuse includes but not limited to excessive jerking, spurring, whipping, slapping, abuse with a device or any other act intended to cause trauma or injury to a horse. In show arena, practice pen, or on show grounds. Any accusations of abuse will be reviewed by show committee. Abusers will be asked to leave show grounds forfeiting any and all fees or winnings.

  19.  All Runs Counts:  Weekend Sidepot one time fee that carries all runs from the weekend into one big 4D. Must be entered before your first run of the weekend $40 fee 80% payback $500 added.


For more information, visit us on Facebook: Supernova Production Barrel Races or contact event producer AJ Neish at 403-304-0139 |


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