Rules & Regulations 2022 Big Bang
Bowden Rodeo Grounds, AB
Last Updated June 2022


What do you need to know about entering: 
•    Late Fees apply after Aug 5th for ALL Categories.
•    ANY Futurity or Derby entries after Aug 5th, may be put at the bottom of the draw.
•    ANY cateogory horse & rider may enter up to August 10th  @ 10pm. Entries will be added to the bottom of the draw.
•    Deadline for selling spots: Aug 9 th .
•    Deadline for rider changes: Aug 10th @ 10pm. Draw spot will remain the same. 
•    Refunds are permitted up to Aug 5th . All Refunds will have a 25% admin fee deducted. After Aug 5th There are NO refunds
•    Final draw will not be posted before August 9th.
•    Online entries only via e-transfers or credit card. Cheques will not be accepted. 
•    Contestants may not arrive earlier than Wednesday, August 10 @ noon. 
•    Time Onlys will be 75% pre sold with entires. Remaining unsold spots will be sold onsite with cash only.  
•    Contestant lists will be posted and updated periodically on Socials & website.
•    All runs are outdoors, rain or shine. 
•    Western Attire is required for all categories (Hat or Helmet, long sleeve or Big Bang Merch Top, pants & boots ) 


     •    Added money: $20,000 and 80 % of Entry Fees Collected
     •    Entry Fee: $125 
     •    Payout: 80%
     •    Format: 4D with .5 sec | .5 sec | 1 sec,  splits 
     •    2 Runs with an average
     •    Equal payout for all D’s
     •    1st go draw is a random order, 2nd go is reverse order. 

Payout Format
     o    Round 1: 50% 
     o    Round 2: 50%
     o    Average: Prizes 

Maximum of 10 spots per D will be paid.


•    Added money: $5000 and 80% of entry fees collected
•    Round 1 & Round 2: 50% to each
•    Average: Prizes
•    Entry fee $375 
•    Open to any horse foaled in 2017 or after which has never competed at any barrel race prior to November 15,2022.
•    Copy of horses papers (front & back) or vet affidavit verifying age & description of unregistered horses must accompany all entries.
•    Up to 50 Entries: 5 Places Paid
•    More than 50 Entries, we will pay one additional place for every 20 entries, with a max of 8 places paid

2D Sidepot
entry fee $40 with 100% payback
1 second Split

•    Added money: $5000 plus 80 % of entry fees Collected
•    Round 1 & Round 2: 50% to each
•    Average: Prizes
•    Entry Fee $300
•    Open to any horse foaled in 2014 or after
•    Horses that are 7 (foaled in 2015), 6 ( foaled in 2016), 5 ( foaled in 2017) are eligible.
•    Copy of horses papers (front & back) or vet affidavit verifying age & description of unregistered horses must accompany all entries.
•    Up to 50 entreis; 5 Places paid
•    More than 50 Entries , we will pay one additional place for every 20 entries with a max of 8 places paid

2D Sidepot
•    entry fee $40 with 100% payback
•    1 second Split


•    added money $6500 + 80 % of entry fees collected
•    Entry Fee $80
•    Open to any contestant under the age of 18 as of Jan 1st 2022
•    Payout 80% of total entry fees collected
•    Format 3D with .7 second splits
•    1 Run Only
•    Up to 50 Entries: 5 Places paid
•    More than 50 entries, we will pay one additional place for every 20 entries, with a maximum of 8 places paid 


Futurity and Derby Rolls 
•    The first futurity/derby run will be rolled into the first open run.
•    The second futurity/derby run will be rolled into the second open run.
•    Runs will be rolled regardless if open and futurity/derby runs are on different days.

Pee Wee
•    Eligible to kids under 10 as of January 1st of the current year.
•    Only 30 Entries will be taken- First come First Served
•    Leadline on foot, Leadline on horse is ok
•    You may use the same horse within the family for multiple kids 

Thursday Warm Up Jackpot
•    Open 3D .7 Split
•     Youth 3D .7 Split – Youth may roll their time into the open
•    Pee Wee 3D 1 Second Split.
•    Mixed Draw 
•    Times ran during this jackpot are not associated with any runs towards Big Bang.



Buy Backs
A buy back allows you to scratch your first run, and make an additional run in an allotted time frame.
o    $50 each
o    Buy Backs are ONLY eligible for the OPEN 4D & Youth runs.
o    Purchasing a buy back will scratch your first time for that day and your buy back time will be counted regardless of knocked barrels or No Times. 
o    Futurity/ Derby horses who have rolled into the Open, may purchase a buy back & re-run STRICTLY for the open run. 
o    Buy Backs are not eligible towards Futurity or Derby runs
o    Buy Backs will RUN at the end of that Draw. 
o    Purchasing a buy back does not require you to re-enter any sidepots or re-pay any additional fees.

Trailer will be given away to riders in the Open Division. The winners from each Division each day for a total of 8 people will be given a trailer key.  Only one key will open the trailer door. The person who opens the door will win the trailer.  We will also draw random numbers to determine the order for who will pick first. 

    The trailer is given on a one year lease
    The trailer must be returned after 1 year to Iron horse truck and trailer. Winner has option to buy trailer out
    The winner will be required to sign a written agreement of terms and conditions with Iron Horse Truck and Trailer
    The winner will be required to provide valid insurance prior to the use of the trailer. 
    The winner will have the option to purchase the trailer outwrite

o    $10,000 US Added Money
o    Check nomination eligibility on the website
o    Money Paid in the Open on SATURDAY ONLY

o    $15,000 US Added Money
o    To Enter you MUST use this external link:
o    $15,000 paid in the Open on SATURDAY ONLY.



Other General Rules

All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. No level of abuse toward any animal at this event will be allowed. Foul language, misconduct, or abusive comments spoken to any contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel will result in immediate contestant disqualification and no refund of entry fees. Contestants are also responsible for traveling companions and their family members

Photos, Videos & Livestream
The Big Bang and its affiliates may photograph and/or videotape each contestant’s individual run. These photos/videos are the property of The Big Bang and its affiliates. By entering you consent to the use of your image and/or video of your run and participation for promotion of The Big Bang or Supernova Productions for any and all future use. You May NOT copy or share livestream videos without purchasing them first.

Vendor forms can be requested by emailing Selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds, in stalls, or at trailers without a vendor contract with The Big Bang or Supernova Productions is prohibited. 

Time begins
Any time a contestant crosses the starting line, the time will begin.

No time
A no time will be given to the contestant for the following reasons:
o    If the contestant knocks a barrel
o    If the contestant runs out of turn
o    If the contestant breaks or misses the barrel pattern
o    If the horse stops forward motion
o    If the contestant is unable to get horse in arena in a 60-second time limit.

Time limit
If a contestant is in the holding pen and attempts to enter the arena, but is unable to get the horse down the alleyway after the announcer calls TWICE, we will give the rider 60 seconds to enter the arena. At the end of 60 seconds, if the horse has not broken the plane at the end of the alleyway into the arena, then the rider will be disqualified. (The reason for this rule is the safety of the contestant, the other contestants in the holding area and the arena personnel.)

Re-runs shall be granted if the official and backup timer both fail to work properly, unless a barrel has been turned over resulting in a no time. If the barrels are not placed properly on their markers, a rerun shall also be granted without any penalties being applied; however, any penalty occurring on the rerun shall result in a no time.

Training in arena
Contestants who are given a no time, either for breaking the pattern or for knocking down a barrel, may complete the pattern. However a rider who is taking excessive time to train, will be asked to leave the arena immediately.

Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of The Big Bang , Supernova Productions, or AJ Neish may result in the disqualification of the contestant, with no refund of entry fees. The contestant may also be placed upon the ineligible list for future Big Bang barrel race or Supernova events. These acts may include but are not limited to the following:
•    Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence, or harass any contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel. Also, any remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of a staff or management member.
•    Moving or attempting to move markers at any time.
•    Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run.
•    Abuse of a horse in any way either on the ground or in the saddle. No whipping a horse from the ground by a bystander.
•    Abuse of an animal in the show arena and/or evidence that an act of abuse has occurred prior to or during the exhibition of a horse in competition.
•    Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
•    Misidentifying a horse in any category.
•    Misidentifying a rider in any category.
•    Other conduct that is not in the best interest of The Big Bang, Supernova Productions, or its contestants.
•    The Big Bang at their sole discretion shall have the authority to disqualify or deny entry to any horse they deem dangerous to the rider, or to other individuals, animals or property.


For further information or inquiries visit us on Facebook; SUPERNOVA PRODUCTION BARREL RACES
Contact: AJ NEISH @ 403 304 0139 or email: