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Rules & Regulations

Last Updated June 05 2023

4th Annual Big Bang Barrel Race

Wetaskawin, AB  July 26-30th, 2023

Warm Up 3D jackpot July 26th

$30,000 added 4D Open Barrel Race

Tomorrow’s Legends 15,000Added $$ no added fees

Western Fortunes 5,000 Added $$  no added fees



Online Entries will close July 21st. | Late entries taken up to day of event.

  1. Open Barrel Race $30,000 Added 4D Format: 

          i. ½ sec, ½ sec, 1 second split
          ii. Entries are capped @ 500 entries per Pool
         iii. Futurity and Derby sidepot entries will only be in Pool A, and will run at the end of the                     draw for Day  1, and beginning of the draw for Day 2.

                       Futurity - Open to any horse that is 5 years old or younger as of January 1 of the                                                 current year, that has not competed at any barrel race prior to November                                             15th, 2022. 

                       Derby - Open to any horse that is 6, 7 or 8 years old, as of January 1 of the current                                             year.

  2. ​Youth Barrel Race $5000 Added 3D Format: 

          i. 0.7 second split, 16 yrs and younger as of Jan.1st of the current year. 
         ii. 1 run on Saturday.

 3. Remembering Callie Rose PeeWee Barrel Race: 

          i. 8 yrs and younger as of Jan 1st of the current year.
                       Competitive - Must ride without help. 
                                 Entries are capped @ 50. Prizes for all. No Divisions.
                       Non-Competitive PeeWee - Leadline by foot or by horse will be accepted. 
                                 Not Capped. Prizes for all.   
         ii.PeeWees may only enter 1 horse, as entries are capped. 
        iii.PeeWees may share a horse with another rider.

  4. Wednesday Warmup Jackpot: (July 26, 2023)
          i. Will operate separately from all other races for the weekend, and will be a mixed random                 draw (PeeWee, Youth and Open run together).
         ii. Warmup Jackpot is 3D
                    Open - 0.7 second split
                    Youth - 0.7 second split
                    PeeWee - 1 second split
        iii. Youth may enter as a Youth/Roll. They will make 1 run, but be entered in the draw/payout               results for the Open and Youth divisions.

  5. Payback: Payback for all divisions is 80% of entry fees + 100% of the added money. 
  6. Side Pot:
          i. All Runs Counts – Weekend Sidepot, one time fee that carries all runs from the weekend                   into one SUPER 4D. Splits are 0.700.  Must be entered before your first run of the                               weekend $40 fee. 
                    80% payback and $500 added
                    Excludes the runs from the Warmup Jackpot

  6. Incentives:
          i. Tomorrow’s Legends - The Tomorrow’s Legend added money incentive payout results for                 The Big Bang 2023 will be based upon the full open results, including any rollovers into                     the Open. This is a 4D payout with 1/2 second splits (.5, 1, 1.5). We will include all TL                           enrolled and entered horses from any day or pool. Horses must be enrolled and entered                 before they run. TL competitors must enter with us via our website link in order to be                       included in our results
         ii. Western Fortunes - The Western Fortune’s added money incentive for The Big Bang 2023               will be based on the Open results and Youth results. $2500 will go to Pool A full results,                     and $2500 will go to Pool B full results and Youth results combined. This is a 4D payout                     with 1/2 second splits (.5, 1, 1.5). This will pay 3 placings to each D. The payout starts with                 the fastest WF enrolled horse with subsequent placing
s to follow.

                         *WF offspring must be enrolled for a one time fee, 10 business days prior to the                                  start of the event to be eligible for this incentive.

                         *If a Western Fortunes enrolled offspring is ridden by more than one competitor or                             entered twice, the offspring will be paid on the fastest time only.
                         *Money will not be paid out to contestants who knock over barrels.

                          *If no offspring fall into any one particular division the payout for that division will                               be divided equally between the remaining divisions.
                          *If only one offspring places in a division, that horse shall receive the entire                                          payout for that division. 
                          *If only two offspring place in a division the m
oney split will be: 54%-46%

        iii. CBHI -  CBHI eligible horses can run for added money in each round of the open, futurity,                              derby & Youth.  Youth CBHI Sidepot will be running for separate added money.

                           NOTE: CBHI only recognizes 6 & 7 year olds for the Derby, 8 YEAR OLD HORSES are                             not eligible to run for this added money

  7. AWARDS: 
          i. Open: There will be prizes awarded for each Go Round and Aggregate winners PER POOL,               as well as in the Showdown round. Payouts will be awarded per Go Round & in the                             Showdown Round.
         ii. Youth: Prizes and Payout will be awarded based on D placing from one run. 
        iii. PeeWee: Every peewee gets a prize - there are no payouts and no divisions.
        iv. Futurity: $5000 added, 2D Format, 1 second split sidepot. Must be entered in the open                     race. Prizes awarded on the average of two runs. 
          v. Derby: $5000 added, 2D Format, 1 second split sidepot. Must be entered in the open                        race. Prizes awarded on the average of two runs. 
         vi. Contestants must be in attendance, in western attire, to accept all prizes. If you are                            unable to attend the awards ceremony, you must notify the office PRIOR to the ceremony                beginning, who you are designating to accept your prize. If you are not in attendance, the               prize will go to the next contestant in line. It is your responsibility to check the live results                 to see if you are in the running for a prize.

  9. Showdown Round:
          i. Qualify for the Showdown in 2 ways;
                    Aggregate: This will be determined by the aggregate of your two runs (horse/rider                                  combination). The top 13 from the aggregate, per D, for both Pool A and Pool B will                            qualify for the showdown round. Lowest aggregate time will start the 1D.
                    Fast Time: Each contestant's fastest time in the 2-go’s will be put into a draw and                                    sorted to determine the “fast time” qualifiers. Fastest time will start the 1D.
                          If you have already qualified for the Showdown round in the Aggregate and the                                  Fast Time, we will roll down in the Fast Times until all the positions have been                                      filled. You cannot qualify in BOTH the Aggregate and Fast Time on the same                                        horse/rider combination.
         ii. Qualifying contestants are strongly encouraged to attend the Back Number Ceremony,                     Saturday night. If you are not able to attend the Back Number Ceremony, you must notify               the producer that you are planning to attend the Showdown Sunday no later than 10pm                   on Saturday, if you fail to notify the producer, you will forfeit your spot, and it will roll to                   the next contestant in line. This is to ensure that all Showdown Sunday spots are filled.
        iii. Showdown Round
                    This Showdown Round is a clean slate final. 
                             *Top 13 from the Aggregate, per D, per Pool, for a total of 104 entries (52/Pool)
                             *Top 6 from the Fast Times, per D, per Pool, for a total of 48 entries (24/Pool)
                             *4 Bonus entries from the advertised pre-qualifying series’
                    Total of 156 Horse/Rider combinations will be awarded spots in the Showdown Round.
                    There will be NO buybacks for the Showdown Round.
                    The 4 Division winners in the Showdown Round will receive a Dodge Ram key fob.                              Keys will be drawn at random by each winner. The contestant who draws the key that                        unlocks the Grand Prize Truck will win the 2023 Dodge Ram 1500, on a 1-Year Free                            Lease. Conditions will apply. 
                             *You MUST be in attendance to receive your key. You may NOT have a designate                                   to stand in for this award ceremony. If a qualifier does not attend, only 3 keys                                     will be awarded, this prize will not roll to the next in line.

  10. Dress Code: Cowboy hat or helmet, long-sleeved shirt, pants and boots. Big Bang                              merchandise may be worn instead of western attire.

  11. Refund: Refunds will be given without a vet note up to July 15th. We understand things                    happen out of your control, please do not take advantage of this. Refunds will have a $25                admin fee deducted. No refunds will be given AFTER this date. ONLY entry fees are                            refundable, Admin Fees & Self-Penning are not included.

  12. Changes: All changes, including selling spots, turn outs, vet outs, rider changes, horse                      changes, etc. MUST fill out the ‘Change Request’ form. Link will be posted on the website. No          fee applies. Deadline for ALL changes is July 20th, 2023.

  13. Late Fees & Late Entries: Late fees will occur after July 15th, 2023. Entries close July 25th.              After this date the entry link will be unavailable. Late Entries will be put at the Bottom of the            Draw. Late entries will be first in the reverse draw for the second run. 

  14. Grouped Barrel Work: There will be grouped barrel work only, no individual Time Onlies,                barrel will be up and off the mark. Reserved online with your entry only. Reservations are                non-refundable. Once purchased, it is your responsibility if you want to trade or sell.                          Grouped Barrel Work will only be available Wednesday prior to the warmup race, there will              be no alloted time any other day.

  15. No Time: Contestants will receive a No Time (NT) for knocking a barrel over or breaking the             pattern. 

  16. Timers: Two electric timers will be used. Reruns will be given only in the event of a timer                malfunction. If a rerun is given, it will be up to the producer to decide when the rerun will                take place. Reruns will not be given for horses falling, contestant’s equipment breaking or for          a rider’s decision to pull up. 

  17. Drags: There will be a drag after every 5 numbers in the draw and a big drag at 50. 

  18. Buy Backs: You can buy back your run after each round by scratching your first time and                making a second run for that round. You can purchase a buyback for any reason. Buybacks            are ran at the end of each round, and will run in the order you enter. You will be able to                    purchase buybacks until the end of the regular draw. A buyback will scratch your time in the            round, and in all sidepots, including Futurity and Derby. CASH ONLY.

  19. Disqualification: Contestants must be in the holding pen BEFORE the next set of 5 begins. If          contestants are not in the holding pen prior to the first run in your set, you will be                              disqualified. Contestants must be ready when called. Failure to be in position in the holding            area will result in a disqualification. If a horse/rider runs out of order, it will be disqualified.
  20. Zero Tolerance Policy: Abuse includes but not limited to excessive jerking, spurring,                        whipping, slapping, abuse with a device or any other act intended to cause trauma or injury            to a horse. In the show arena, practice pen, or on the show grounds. Any accusations of                    abuse will be reviewed by the Big Bang producer. Abusers may be asked to leave the show              grounds, forfeiting any and all fees or winnings. 


For more information, visit us on Facebook: Supernova Production Barrel Races or contact event producer AJ Neish at 403-304-0139 |


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